Young Talents

School parade

On Thursday, 12th February 2015, more than 5'500 kindergarten and school children from around Basel, Riehen and Bettingen took part in a parade through Basel city centre. The children were accompanied by about 600 volunteers and several Fasnacht cliques and Gugge music bands.  

The parade route run from Münsterplatz to Rittergasse, along Bäumleingasse, down Freie Strasse, across Mittlere Brücke, then along Rheingasse to Theodors-Kirchplatz.  

The parade was first organised in 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fasnacht-Comité. The parade was attended by thousands children and teenagers dressed in masks and costumes. After this unforgettable, amazing parade it was decided to hold the parade for the kindergarten and school children every five years.