Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to obtain special permission to film or take photographs at the carnival? No, because Carnival is a public event. But please do not obstruct the masked participants during their parade. To film
    or photograph from any of the official positions where the Fasnachts-Comité is located during the parade on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, please request an official badge PRIOR to the Carnival from:  
  • Are photographs available with publication rights from the Fasnachts-Comité? Yes. Please contact Annicken Gravino for high-resolution pictures. Contact
  • Does the Fasnachts-Comité provide contact details for cliques and artists (mask makers, lantern painters etc.)? The Fasnachts-Comité does not hold this information for public use. But most cliques can be contacted through their websites. Links
  • Does the Fasnachts-Comité look after the media during Carnival? No, but please contact Basel Tourismus who offer this service:
  • Are members of the Fasnachts-Comité available for interviews during Carnival? Any questions should be sent well in ADVANCE of Fasnacht, because all Comité members are fully occupied during the three days. With prior agreement interviews may be possible at the positions of the Comité during the processions. Please contact Annicken Gravino. Contact
  • Are there press kits available from the Fasnachts-Comité? All basic and helpful information is available on this website, in our brochure "Basel Carnival” and in current media reports (mainly in German).
For further information please contact our Press Relations Officer:
Christoph Bürgin, +41 78 806 56 36, Contact