Some do's and don'ts


  • Make sure you arrive in good time. By 4 a.m. there's quite a crowd. 
  • Leave handbags and valuable items at home, 
  • Do not link arms with your friends to form a chain. 
  • For the most important requirement is total darkness, do not open curtains or light fireworks, do not use flash photography. 

General points:

  • Make sure your carnival badge is prominently displayed. 
  • Unlike other carnival events, painted faces, false noses, jester's caps, bawdy songs, raucous or drunken behaviour are all frowned upon.
  • The participants' masks, instruments and other carnival paraphernalia restrict their mobility. So please make a point of not getting in their way. Let them go first - especially when they go for their well-earned breaks in restaurants. 
  • Do not throw oranges or other objects back at the participants or into the crowds. 
  • Do not pick up confetti (“Räppli” in Basel dialect) from the street. 
  • Drums and other accessories are valuable items and personal property, not souvenirs to take home.