Badge 2017

“Going beyond the scope” is the motto of the carnival in 2017. The winner of the competition for second time in a row is Guido Happle.

“Going beyond the scope” (“Mer spränge dr Raame”), this is definitely a perfect summary of the carnival. During three days people in Basel are getting out of line and showing originality, subtlety and singularity in their costumes, pamphlets and subjects.

On the badge, various figurines are coming out of the frame, such as a harlequin (with reference to Pablo Picasso's famous picture), a wagon with kids, “Schnitzelbänkler” or musicians from a “Gugge”. All of them are representatives of the carnival. Guido Happle also wanted to illustrate the opening of the second building of the Art Museum in Basel.

One can find further detailed description about the subject under “aktuelle Medienmitteilung” (in German only).