Welcome to Basel Fasnacht

On this website you will find valuable tips and a lot of information about Basel's famous carnival, Fasnacht, which locals usually call the «most wonderful three days».

Whether you visit the «Morgestraich», the main parade on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, the «Gugge» music concerts and the unique exhibition of lanterns on Tuesday evening or you just wander around the streets and go with the flow, we wish you a fantastic time.


Morgenstreich 2016 takes place at 4am on 15th February 2016.

«Drummeli» 2015

The «Drummeli» 2015 show is history.
Please find some photos of this year's performances:

School parade

On Tuesday, 12th February 2015, more than 5'500 kindergarten and school children from around Basel, Riehen and Bettingen took part in a parade through Basel city centre. The children were accompanied by about 600 volunteers and several Fasnacht cliques and Gugge music bands.